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About Blow & Go

What To Expect

Put simply: To leave feeling much better than when you came in!

Let's face it, no one likes a bad hair day and here in South Florida there are plenty of those. Blow and Go is here to end them! We leave cuts and color to the salons and instead focus on giving great blowouts and making you feel glamorous whenever you have a spare 30 minutes, for just $39. Plus we are faster and more fun than your typical salon!

We want a visit to Blow and Go to be an escape from your otherwise busy day. Stop in and let us bring you a cup of cappuccino, grab one of our IPAD's and surf the web while one of our round-brush experts gives you the best Blowout ever! Look above and see our big screen playing your favorite "girly" movies. Sit back and listen to music from our hand chosen playlist while getting a shampoo and scalp massage. Stop by in the early evening and allow one our makeup artists to use our very own line of "Blow and Glow" makeup products to get you ready for that big night (while enjoying a glass of wine of course).

Our goal is to make this the best part of your day… experience that you will want to repeat every chance you get!

We know that not every day includes a walk down the Red Carpet…..but why not look and feel that good for your coffee date, your work meeting, or a dinner with friends? Why not be "red carpet ready " even though it's just a Tuesday morning?!?

Breeze through our menu and you will see that we also have make-up artists on staff that can glam you up with false eyelashes, permanent mascara and airbrushing. We offer clip-in hair extensions for a quick change-up of your look and the award-winning "it Factor" hair care products….. products uniquely designed to give better blow dry results.

The Blow Dry Bar Concept

While the Blow Dry Bar concept is now gaining traction in cities around the country, its roots can be traced to Manhattan in 2005 and a few years later in Southern California. The concept was born from the simple observation that women walked taller, spoke more confidently and generally felt better when they had a fresh blowout…so why not make that experience more available to them by having a salon that was focused solely on providing expert blowouts at an affordable price, and at times that were more accommodating to them.

Further, why not make the process of booking an appointment easier by allowing customers to book online. Then expand the hours of a traditional salon so that getting a blowout was more convenient and accessible for working women? After all, why should a woman have to take time off work to get an amazing blowout? So with hours starting at 7:30 am and weekend hours until 8:00pm, most every woman's schedule could be accommodated.

Another difference versus the traditional salon is that unlike the traditional salon where the client has "her stylist", the blow dry salon strives to offer a consistent level of service from all their stylists so that a client can simply choose a time-slot instead of a stylist, confident that they will be provided the same consistent result every time and from every stylist, which greatly increases the odds that her chosen appointment time will be available to her.

The feedback has been overwhelming. Women in every market they have opened have reported loving the experience. The Blow dry salon fills a void in the marketplace and in the lives of busy women. Many find themselves going several times a week because it is so convenient and such a relaxing experience. Interestingly, it has been reported that many women are waiting longer between haircuts because their hair is looking better more often, and for a longer period of time, thanks to regular expert blow outs.


The idea for Blow and Go was conceived by Brooke Porter in 2012. Brooke, like so many women, was in constant pursuit of a great blowout. The choices in Palm Beach County for a blowout were endless…..but getting a great blowout was almost impossible. So selfishly, and since her frizzy hair came with her from Manhattan to Florida, she decided that she wanted….make that "needed"….. a place in Boca Raton where she could get an amazing blow out.

Brooke, being from Manhattan, became aware of the blow dry salon concept on one of her visits there and that set the wheels in motion. She learned that there were few, if any, real blow dry salons in Palm Beach County and none in Boca Raton…..a city that prides itself on having everything. She knew if this concept appealed to her and her friends, it would certainly appeal to other like-minded women. She immediately enlisted her husband Tom to help in setting up what would be become Blow and Go.

Brooke, having a long background in fashion and business (having owned, among other things, a Madison Avenue shoe boutique) and Tom, having owned several businesses and with a background in real estate, construction and operations, together had all the requisite tools to launch Blow and Go.

As for managing Blow and Go going forward, they enlisted one of the few people in South Florida with any experience in, or knowledge about, the Blow dry Salon concept.

Great care was used in selecting furniture, finishes', lighting, fabrics and colors to ensure that the mood was just perfect. We worked with amazing interior designers, graphic designers, cabinet makers and contractors to create a salon we could be proud of, and which would stand the test of time as we look to immediately expand to other locations in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Because of Brooke's "selfish" behavior, women of Boca Raton and Delray Beach now have a Blow Dry Salon of their very own…..and women in the surrounding areas are nor far behind!